Meet the Team




At the helm of White Weddings Photography, I bring over a decade of events and portrait photography experience to capture the essence of your wedding day. My approach blends a keen eye for detail with a deep passion for storytelling, ensuring every cherished moment is captured with both elegance and authenticity. Committed to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience, I pride myself on building lasting relationships with each couple, ensuring your most precious memories are preserved for a lifetime.


Where Creativity Meets Candid Moments

Sara brings a burst of fresh energy and creativity to White Weddings Photography. New to the professional photography scene, her passion for capturing the spontaneous, heartfelt moments of your wedding adds invaluable depth to our coverage. Approachable and keen-eyed, Sara ensures that every laugh, tear and tender glance is immortalised with authenticity. Together, we're committed to doubling the creativity and memories of your special day.

Timeless Style

Embracing a timeless style in photography, especially when melding glossy editorial aesthetics with the authenticity of candid moments, creates a uniquely captivating visual narrative. This approach marries the meticulous, high-detail elegance typical of magazine spreads with the genuine, spontaneous emotions of life's unscripted instances. Such a blend not only elevates the subject matter with a sophisticated flair but also anchors it in the relatable, universal experiences that resonate with viewers across generations. By focusing on contrasting light, texture, and natural expressions, this style produces images that are both striking and enduring, ensuring they remain relevant and cherished long into the future. It's a testament to the power of photography to capture the beauty of the present in a way that speaks to the heart, forever.

A Decade of Experience

Throughout my decade-long journey in photography, I've evolved from capturing individual stories through portraits to documenting the vibrant energy of events, culminating in the artful storytelling of wedding photography. This progression has been a blend of technical refinement and deepened emotional insight, where the foundational skills of portrait photography—understanding and capturing the essence of a subject—have seamlessly merged with the dynamic, spontaneous nature of event photography. It's in weddings, however, where my editorial eye and knack for candid moments truly shine, allowing me to craft images that not only record the day's events but also capture the profound, personal narratives of love and community. This rich tapestry of experience has not only honed my craft but also affirmed my passion for preserving life's most fleeting, precious moments through the lens, making each photograph a cherished chapter in a larger story.